2019 Society of Fellows Summer Seminar


Per tradition, the semester starts a little bit early for our undergraduate fellows, who gather each year in August at the Tiger Hotel in downtown Columbia for three days of lectures, discussions, and meals with Kinder Institute and MU faculty. A full schedule for the August 6-9 Summer Seminar can be found here, and in case anyone is interested in following along from home, see below for the readings that students will complete before the conference kicks off.

“Federalist and Anti-Federalist Visions: Virtue, the Good, and Tyranny,” with Professor of Political Science Jay Dow. Readings—“Federalist Nos. 9, 10, 47, 48, 51” (all available here); “Federal Farmer Letter 7” (link here); “Brutus Letters 1, 7, 10” (here, here, and here)

“Just Walk Away: Congressional Retirements and What They Tell Us about the Chamber, the Parties, and the State of American Politics,” with Professor of Political Science Marvin Overby. Reading—“Dynamics of State Retirements” (Overby and Masthay), from Political Research Quarterly

“The Best Laid Plans: How Administrative Burden Complicates Voting Rights Restoration Law and Policy,” with Kinder Institute and Political Science Assistant Professor Jen Selin. Reading—Gruver v. Barton Complaint

“Creating the Capital City,” with Kinder Institute and MU Law Associate Professor and KICD Director of Undergraduate Studies Carli Conklin. Readings—”A Brief History of Pierre L’Enfant and Washington D.C.” and select correspondences between Jefferson and Washington (links here)

“Revolution and Rebellion,” with Kinder Institute Director and Professor of Political Science Justin Dyer. Readings—select writings from Locke, James Wilson, and others (all readings here)

Other Summer Seminar sessions being led by Kinder Institute and MU faculty are: “The Future of Health Care Policy in the U.S.,” with Prof. Jake Haselswerdt (Political Science & Truman School); “International Relations Theory & U.S. Foreign Policy Making,” with Prof. Heather Ba (Political Science); and “The Politics of Slave Resistance,” with Prof. Jay Sexton (Kinder Institute & History). In addition, 2019-20 Distinguished Visiting Research Fellow in History Ken Owen (University of Illinois-Springfield) will give the August 6 keynote address for the Summer Seminar.