Fall 2020 Colloquium Recordings: Catch Up on the Action Here

One of the advantages of shifting to the world of Zoom is that we were able to record many of our talks from the Fall 2020 semester. So, if there was a colloquium you missed that you want to catch up on—or one you attended that you want to re-visit—use the links below to access everything from horizontal constitutional rights to the 19th-century rise of Latin American republics.

Christina Bambrick, “Who’s Responsible for Constitutional Rights?

Mia Bay, “Talking Back to Thomas Jefferson: African American Nationalism in the Early Republic

Aurelian Craiutu, “Moderation in America

Marlene Daut, “Unsettling Genealogies of Haitian Revolutionary History

Daive Dunkley, “Anglican Evangelism and the Maintenance of Slavery in the 18th-Century Atlantic World

Max Edling, “A Union, Not a Nation State: The Constitution as a Federal Treaty

Hilda Sabato, “Republics of the New World

Marjorie Spruill, “One Woman, One Vote: The Long Road to Ratification of the 19th Amendment