2018 Kinder Scholars D.C. Summer Program

Meet the New Class of Kinder Scholars

We are thrilled to be able to announce the 2018 class of Kinder Scholars, who will be heading east to D.C. in June for two months of studying, living, and working in the nation’s capital. Chosen from a stellar applicant pool of Mizzou’s best and brightest, this year’s class, listed below, is made up of students from 15 different academic majors at MU who, as will become clear when their full bios are posted, contribute volumes to the intellectual, cultural, political, and interpersonal enrichment of this campus.

Regina Anderson (Strategic Communication)

Isaac Baker (Secondary Education, History)

Bailey Conard (Journalism, English)

Brian Dugan (Business Marketing, Political Science)

Mackenzie Elliott (Journalism)

Alex Galvin (History)

Gabriel Gassmann (Economics, Spanish)

Grace Hodson (Public Health)

Karina Jaimes (History, Political Science)

Anna Jaoudi (Political Science)

Sarah Jolley (History, English, Political Science)

Hailey Markt (Political Science, International Studies)

Luke Mouton (Political Science, Psychology)

Mary Grace Newman (Political Science)

Anthony Newsome (Political Science)

Matt Orf (History)

Brianna Salas (Health Sciences)

Faramola Shonekan (History)

Jennifer Sutterer (Political Science, Philosophy)

Rylie White (Biochemistry)