Presidential Elections: From Washington to Obama

Kinder Institute Faculty at the Truman Library

The Kinder Institute is headed west this week, with two of our core faculty members, Associate Director Jeff Pasley and Kinder Scholars Program Coordinator Bill Horner, both traveling to Independence, MO, to participate in the 13th annual Truman Library Teachers Conference. Designed to connect middle and high school educators with leading scholars of American history and politics and to provide teachers with an opportunity to access and develop new curricula using the library’s immense archives, this year’s conference runs from July 18 – July 22 and focuses on the theme of “Presidential Elections: Washington to Obama.” Professor Pasley will speak on the conference’s first day, giving a talk entitled “The First Culture War: The Presidential Election of 1796 and the Origins of American Politics,” and Professor Horner will be in Independence on Thursday for his lecture, “‘Welcome Back Voter!’ Ford vs. Carter: A Campaign that Should Be Remembered.” For anyone interested in reading a bit more about this year’s Truman Library Teachers Conference, the full agenda can be accessed here.