Undergraduate Students

The Kinder Institute is committed to excellence in undergraduate education about American political thought and history. Through a Minor and Certificate in American Constitutional Democracy, scholarships to study and work in Washington, D.C., during the summer, and competitive fellowships for our on-campus Society of Fellows and to study abroad at University of Oxford’s Corpus Christi College, the Kinder Institute prepares Mizzou students for lives as thoughtful, informed, and engaged citizens.

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Graduate Students

Graduate students represent both the future of higher education and the next wave of research leaders in their fields. To promote and sustain the study of American constitutional democracy at the University of Missouri, the Kinder Institute invests in advancing the work of emerging scholars of history and political science through a program of graduate fellowships and research and travel grants.

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Faculty & Postdocs

At the heart of any university are faculty members who remain actively engaged in their fields of study and who are always seeking to expand and deepen the knowledge they share with students, colleagues, and the public. The Kinder Institute promotes excellence in teaching and scholarship across multiple disciplines at the University of Missouri by investing in faculty research, collaboration, course development, and publication on the ideas and events that have shaped the development of constitutional democracy in the United States, and their continued global impact and relevance today.

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