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  • A Transatlantic View of Jackson’s Bank Veto: Colloquium with Prof. Richard R. John (Columbia University)

    To kick off the Kinder Institute’s Fall 2018 Colloquium Series, Columbia University Professor of History … Continued

  • On American Anti-Slavery Literature: With Visiting Scholar Lawrence Goldman

    Kinder Institute Fall 2018 Distinguished Research Fellow Lawrence Goldman will outline his current research project … Continued

  • “Constitutional Principles and America’s Original Sin”: Constitution Day Lecture with Texas’ Gary Jacobsohn

    For the inaugural James E. Fleming & Linda C. McClain Constitution Day Lecture, University of … Continued

  • Brexit: A Conversation with Profs. Jay Sexton and Lawrence Goldman

    Roughly two years after the vote heard round the world, Kinder Institute Endowed Chair Jay … Continued

  • The Contributions of John Dickinson: Constitution Week Talk with Prof. Jane Calvert

    As the other bookend to Constitution Week festivities at the Kinder Institute, University of Kentucky … Continued

  • “The Marketplace of American Federalism”: MRSEAH with Princeton’s Michael Blaakman

    The fifth year of the Missouri Regional Seminar on Early American History will kick off … Continued

  • “Republicanism, Slavery, and the Constitution”: Colloquium with Prof. Forrest Nabors

    University of Alaska-Anchorage Assistant Professor of Political Science will make the long trek to Columbia … Continued

  • “The Polarizers”: Colloquium with Colgate Prof. Sam Rosenfeld

    Continuing the Kinder Institute’s Fall 2018 Friday Colloquium Series, Colgate University Assistant Professor of Political … Continued

  • History Department Homecoming Colloquium with Ben Park and Steven Carl Smith

    A pair of ex-Columbians will make their triumphant return to campus to kick off Homecoming … Continued

  • “The Promise and Perils of Populism”: A conversation with Henry Olsen and Michael Kazin

    In partnership with the American Enterprise Institute, the Kinder Institute will co-sponsor an October 25 … Continued

  • “Dangerous Ground”: On 19th Century Squatters with new Postdoc John Suval

    A bi-annual tradition for all incoming postdocs during their first semester on campus, John Suval, … Continued

  • “A Nation Forged by Crisis”: Prof. Jay Sexton at the Truman Library

    For those in the Kansas City area, join Kinder Institute Endowed Chair in Constitutional Democracy … Continued

  • “The Politics of Abstraction vs. A New Localism”: Lecture with AEI’s Ryan Streeter

    For the final public lecture of the Fall 2018 semester, Ryan Streeter, the American Enterprise … Continued

  • On the Origins of the American Revolution: Colloquium with MU’s Rachel Banke

    Recent University of Notre Dame Ph.D. and current Postdoctoral Fellow in the MU Department of … Continued

  • “The Persistent Radicalism of 1776”: Colloquium with Prof. Ken Owen

    For the final colloquium of the Fall 2018 semester, University of Illinois-Springfield Assistant Professor of … Continued

  • A Fire Bell in the Past: The Missouri Crisis at 200, Feb. 2019 Conference

    On February 15-16, 2019, as near as possible to the 200th anniversary of the Tallmadge … Continued

  • 2019 Shawnee Trail Conference: Save-the-Date

    Check the Kinder Institute website in the coming months for more details about the 2019 … Continued