Graduate Programs

Graduate students represent both the future of higher education and the emerging research leaders in their fields. To promote and sustain the study of constitutional democracy not only at the University of Missouri but on campuses around the globe, the Kinder Institute has a number of programs in place to support the scholarly work and professional development of talented graduate students in the Departments of History and Political Science.

M.A. in Atlantic History & Politics

The Kinder Institute’s one-year M.A. in Atlantic History and Politics, which examines the connections and conflicts among the diverse peoples of the Atlantic basin, including the Americas, Africa, and Europe, officially launched in Fall 2020.

The M.A. covers a broad sweep of time, from the dawn of European empires through the age of revolutions and the more recent “American century,” and situates the development of modern nation-states, including the United States, in relation to the broader exchange of ideas, goods, and power across the Atlantic world. The program begins with a month of study at Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford, after which students return to Columbia for the fall and spring semesters to complete the remaining 21 of the degree’s required 30 credit hours of coursework.

Applications to be a part of the 2023-24 M.A. cohort will open in Fall 2022, with a final deadline of April 15, 2023. We have a number of Scholarships and Graderships available. For consideration for our competitive fully funded Fellowships, apply by January 16, 2023.


J.D./M.A. in Atlantic History & Politics Dual Degree

The MU College of Arts & Science, Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy, and MU School of Law offer an integrated program in which students may obtain both an M.A. degree in Atlantic History & Politics and a J.D. degree from the School of Law.

Students who enroll in the J.D./M.A. in Atlantic History & Politics Dual Degree program will enjoy the strengths of two outstanding programs at the University of Missouri. The School of Law offers students rigorous study in the theory and practice of law, with a student-faculty ratio that provides multiple opportunities for faculty engagement, while the M.A. allows students to examine the connections and conflicts among the diverse peoples of the Atlantic basin, including the Americas, Africa, and Europe, from the dawn of European empires, through the age of nation-states, and into the more recent “American Century.” The M.A. also includes a monthlong study abroad program at University of Oxford (Corpus Christi College), through which students earn the first nine credit hours required to complete the degree.

The deadline to apply for the next M.A. in Atlantic History & Politics cohort is April 15, 2023.


Ph.D. and M.A. Fellowships

The Institute seeks to establish a thriving community of graduate researchers in history and political science whose work transcends disciplinary boundaries in advancing the study of political thought, history, and institutions in the U.S. and throughout the Atlantic World. To support this endeavor, we offer graduate fellowships for incoming M.A. and Ph.D. candidates, as well as current doctoral students in the MU Departments of History and Political Science.


Research & Travel Grants

In order to contribute to advancing the work of the next generation of professors and public scholars, the Kinder Institute Grants Committee will consider graduate student requests for funding to support research on an ad hoc basis during the academic year (September 1 – April 15).

Designed for M.A. and Ph.D. students with unmet funding needs, awards range from $500-$2,000 and can be applied to: travel to conferences at which a student is presenting their work, archival research and data collection, and hiring undergraduate research assistants. Note that the set award for conference travel is $500 and that, due to limited funds, not all applications can be funded, and even those that do receive committee support may not be funded in full


Seminars & Conferences

In addition to graduate coursework, the Kinder Institute offers M.A. and Ph.D. candidates myriad opportunities to share research with leading faculty in their fields and to start building interdisciplinary professional networks, including through presentations at Kinder Institute-sponsored conferences and seminars. Graduate students will also occasionally have opportunities to apply for funded conference organization assistantships.