Alumni Council

The Alumni Council was established in 2019 and is comprised of former students who participated in one (or more) of the Kinder Institute’s programs for undergraduate or graduate students: the Society of Fellows or Kinder Scholars D.C. Summer Program; our B.A., Minor, or Certificate in Constitutional Democracy in the College of Arts & Science; the Kinder Institute Democracy Lab for first-year Mizzou students (formerly the Kinder Institute Residential College); our study abroad programs in South Africa and Oxford; or our graduate M.A. in Atlantic History & Politics.

The Council meets four times per year to brainstorm and implement ways that alumni can stay connected to the Kinder Institute and enrich the experience of its current students, both while they’re on Mizzou’s campus and after they’ve graduated. In its first two years alone, the Council has established a scholarship fund, launched a mentorship program, and organized a series of talks that allowed current students to explore various career paths and opportunities.

If you are a recent graduate of any of the Kinder Institute’s programs who would like to stay involved, please reach out to Caroline Spalding ( for more information.

The Alumni Council is currently accepting applications for two new members, with a deadline of September 1, 2023. For more information, see the application link below, and all completed applications can be sent to Caroline Spalding at the email address above.

Click here to meet the current—and inaugural—members of our Alumni Council!

Alumni Council Mentorship Program

Our Alumni Council is comprised of a distinguished group of Mizzou graduates who were not too long ago in the position of contemplating post-college life. Their collective resume includes an impressive array of achievements, including: Fulbright and Schwarzman Fellowships; law school, medical school, and graduate degree programs in Economics, History, and Public Affairs; and careers in both the public and private sectors. One way in which they aim to give back to the MU community is to talk about their trajectories with soon-to-be graduates. Any junior or senior who would like to sit down and chat with one of our Alumni Council members should contact Caroline Spalding ( for more information about the mentorship program.

Similarly, if you’re a recent Kinder-affiliated, Mizzou graduate who would like to become a mentor, reach out to Caroline at the email address above or more information on how to get involved.

Alumni Council Scholarship Fund

Awarded yearly, the Alumni Council Scholarship connects alumni of the Kinder Institute and Mizzou with current students. This scholarship will aid students from diverse backgrounds and in a wide variety of degree programs deepen their understanding of constitutional democracy and expand their post-graduate options by supporting participation in programs such as the Kinder Scholars program in D.C. and the Oxford and South Africa study abroad programs. The recipient is selected by the Alumni Council based on merit and need, and the Alumni Council is responsible for assembling the application, interviewing selected candidates, and ultimately choosing the recipient. Use the secure, direct giving link below to contribute to the Alumni Council Scholarship Fund.


Alumni Council Scholarship Recipients

2021-22, Paul Ambrose, B.A. in Constitutional Democracy & Economics (Fall 2022 Graduate)