“The Third Empire: Abolition in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest,” April 7 Colloquium with Penn State Historian Christina Snyder | 04/07/2023

Christina Snyder, McCabe Greer Professor of History at The Pennsylvania State University, will visit the Kinder Institute’s Friday Colloquium Series on April 7 to present on the United States’ place as the third 19th-century empire that promised to end Indigenous enslavement in the Pacific Northwest coastal region from northern California to Alaska (see abstract below). […]

“Challenging the New Deal’s ‘Contemptible Neglect,’” April 14 Colloquium with University of Mississippi Historian Jarod Roll | 04/14/2023

For the final official Friday colloquium of the Spring 2023 semester, University of Mississippi Professor of History Jarod Roll will share his research on the CIO’s Depression-era efforts to confront agriculture-specific labor law inequities built into New Deal programs and legislation (see abstract below). The talk will be held on April 14 at 3:30pm in […]

“Peace and Friendship: Lessons from the Legacy of Broken Concord,” April 28 Spring Keynote Lecture with Autry Museum President and UCLA Professor Emeritus Stephen Aron | 04/28/2023

Providing a glimpse into his most recent book, Peace and Friendship: An Alternative History of the American West (Oxford University Press, 2022), Stephen Aron, Emeritus Professor of History at UCLA and currently President and CEO of the Autry Museum of the American West, will draw out those 19th-century spaces where comity, rather than conflict, embodied […]