“‘My ears flop in your favor’: Early American Plantation Novels and the Sounds of Slavery,” MRSEAH with Wichita State University Professor of English Rebeccah Bechtold | 04/23/2021

As part of April’s daylong “Music and Politics in the Young Republic” symposium, MRSEAH participants will gather on Friday, April 23, at 5:30pm for a discussion of Wichita State Professor of English Rebeccah Bechtold’s chapter-in-progress, “‘My ears flop in your favor’: Early American Plantation Novels and the Sounds of Slavery” (working title, see abstract below). […]

“Music and Politics in the Young Republic,” An Afternoon Mini-Symposium | 04/23/2021

To celebrate the August 2020 publication of Kinder Institute Postdoctoral Fellow in Political History Billy Coleman’s Harnessing Harmony: Music, Power, and Politics in the United States, 1788-1865 (University of North Carolina Press, book description here), the Kinder Institute will host a trio of events on April 23 exploring the question of what political resonances music […]

“Toward a Political Economy of Partisan Democracy: Patronage and Money in the Making of the Second Party System, 1825-1840,” Chapter Workshop with KICD Visiting Research Fellow Reeve Huston | 04/30/2021

An annual tradition at the Kinder Institute, Distinguished Visiting Research Fellow Reeve Huston (Duke University) will present a chapter from the book project he’s been at work on while in Columbia which examines how patronage appointments and legislative favors not only provided the labor and cash necessary to fuel a mid-19th century revival of partisan […]