“Republics of the New World: Political Life in the 19th-century Americas,” Zoom Colloquium with Historian Hilda Sabato | 10/30/2020

Historian Hilda Sabato, currently Head Researcher at Argentina’s National Scientific and Technical Research Council and formerly of University of Buenos Aires, will give an October 30, 3:30pm presentation on her recent Princeton University Press book, Republics of the New World: The Revolutionary Political Experiment in Nineteenth-Century Latin America, which puts aside claims of failed modernization […]

“Who’s Responsible for Constitutional Rights,” Colloquium with Notre Dame’s Christina Bambrick | 11/13/2020

As part of the Kinder Institute’s Friday Colloquium Series, University of Notre Dame Assistant Professor of Political Science Christina Bambrick will examine cases from U.S. and South African courts in presenting her research on the tradeoffs and politics involved when constitutional rights are applied horizontally to create obligations of private actors (see abstract below). Email […]

“Anglican Evangelism and the Maintenance of Slavery in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World,” Zoom Colloquium with MU’s Daive Dunkley | 11/20/2020

MU Associate Professor of Black Studies Daive Dunkley will give a November 20 presentation on the Anglican church’s eighteenth-century efforts to suppress the resistance of enslaved people in Great Britain’s slaveholding empire. Email Thomas Kane,, to be added to the list of people who get Zoom links for events on the day that they […]

“Talking Back to Thomas Jefferson: African American Nationalism in the New Republic, 1776-1808,” Zoom Colloquium with Penn Professor Mia Bay | 12/04/2020

In the final installment of the Kinder Institute’s Fall 2020 Colloquium Series, University of Pennsylvania Roy F. and Jeannette P. Nichols Professor of American History Mia Bay will present the first chapter of her current book project, which traces African American commentary Thomas Jefferson from the American Revolution through the Civil War (see description below). […]