Minor & Certificate in American Constitutional Democracy

The Kinder Institute and College of Arts & Science’s Minor and Certificate in American Constitutional Democracy are designed for University of Missouri undergraduates of any major who wish to pursue an in-depth, interdisciplinary course of study that focuses on the philosophical origins and historical evolution of the United States’ political system, culture, and traditions, as well as their continued global impact and relevance.

Whether preparing for a career in law, public policy, or a related field—or simply interested in exploring more deeply the United States’ experience (or experiment) with democratic governance—students minoring in American Constitutional Democracy will gain a broad understanding of the currents of thought and historical conditions that have shaped and re-shaped political life in the United States from the founding of the nation to the present day. The shared curriculum for the Minor and Certificate also provides students with an opportunity to further contextualize their examination of democratic culture and processes through various internship and study abroad programs that focus on the study of constitutional democracy in practice and/or from a global perspective.

Any student interested in pursuing the Minor or Certificate should contact Kinder Institute Academic Advisor Thomas Kane, KaneTC@missouri.edu

ACD Minor Requirements

A minimum of fifteen (15) credits are required for the ACD Minor, and at least three (3) of those credits must come from an internship, study abroad class, or other approved experiential course. Further details about requirements for the Minor can be found in the application link below.


ACD Certificate Requirements

The Certificate in American Constitutional Democracy recognizes students who have engaged in the study of American political thought and history by completing twelve (12) hours of coursework from the list of approved classes below. In contrast to the ACD Minor, students pursuing the Certificate are not required to complete a study abroad course or internship. Further details about requirements for the ACD Certificate can be found in the application link below.

Note: Courses used to satisfy a major requirement may also count toward a certificate. However, students may not receive credit for both the Certificate and Minor in American Constitutional Democracy.

ACD Minor/Certificate Curriculum

Use the link below for a catalogue of all three-credit hour courses and one-credit hour tutorials that apply toward the Kinder Institute’s Minor and Certificate in American Constitutional Democracy.

Any questions about petitioning for a course not listed in the catalogue to apply toward the major should be sent to Thomas Kane, at KaneTC@missouri.edu