Colloquium Series

A first cousin of the Missouri Regional Seminar on Early American History and Shawnee Trail Regional Conference, our Colloquium Series provides scholars of American political thought, history, and institutions from Missouri and neighboring states with the opportunity to share and discuss their current research with faculty members and graduate students from across all disciplines at the university. Most recently, Colloquium Series events tackled topics ranging from contemporary debates about gerrymandering, to a revised history of constituent instructions, to black women and the struggle for economic justice in mid-20th century St. Louis.

Full Schedule

  • A Transatlantic View of Jackson’s Bank Veto: Colloquium with Prof. Richard R. John (Columbia University)

    To kick off the Kinder Institute’s Fall 2018 Colloquium Series, Columbia University Professor of History … Continued

  • On American Anti-Slavery Literature: With Visiting Scholar Lawrence Goldman

    Kinder Institute Fall 2018 Distinguished Research Fellow Lawrence Goldman will outline his current research project … Continued

  • “Republicanism, Slavery, and the Constitution”: Colloquium with Prof. Forrest Nabors

    University of Alaska-Anchorage Assistant Professor of Political Science will make the long trek to Columbia … Continued

  • “The Polarizers”: Colloquium with Colgate Prof. Sam Rosenfeld

    Continuing the Kinder Institute’s Fall 2018 Friday Colloquium Series, Colgate University Assistant Professor of Political … Continued

  • History Department Homecoming Colloquium with Ben Park and Steven Carl Smith

    A pair of ex-Columbians will make their triumphant return to campus to kick off Homecoming … Continued

  • “Dangerous Ground”: On 19th Century Squatters with new Postdoc John Suval

    A bi-annual tradition for all incoming postdocs during their first semester on campus, John Suval, … Continued

  • On the Origins of the American Revolution: Colloquium with MU’s Rachel Banke

    Recent University of Notre Dame Ph.D. and current Postdoctoral Fellow in the MU Department of … Continued

  • “The Persistent Radicalism of 1776”: Colloquium with Prof. Ken Owen

    For the final colloquium of the Fall 2018 semester, University of Illinois-Springfield Assistant Professor of … Continued