Shawnee Trail Conference

Started in 2015, the annual Shawnee Trail Regional Conference is designed to foster intellectual connections between scholars who work and study at institutions located along the former Shawnee Cattle Trail, which ran from Texas to Missouri, passing through (or skirting past) Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Open to faculty and graduate students whose work focuses on all aspects of American politics and constitutionalism, broadly defined to encompass political and constitutional development, political thought, and public law, the Shawnee Trail Conference convenes annually, rotating between the Kinder Institute’s home in Columbia, MO, and other locations throughout the region, and utilizes a sequential panel format with presenters pre-circulating papers in advance of the meeting date.

The 2018 Shawnee Trail Conference, more details about which can be found in the website post below, will be held on April 20 in Colorado Springs. A full list of papers delivered at the Shawnee Trail Conference’s 2017 meeting in Austin can be found here, in the Kinder Institute’s Summer 2017 newsletter.

Questions about this year’s Conference can be directed to Kinder Institute Director Justin Dyer ( or 2018 Conference Co-Organizer and University of Colorado-Colorado Springs Assistant Professor of Political Science Steven Pittz (

Full Schedule

  • 2018 Shawnee Trail Conference: Full Schedule

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