Maria Yepez Damian

Maria Yepez Damian is a Mexican American bilingual student from Kansas City, Missouri. She is an MU sophomore pursuing a double major in Political Science and International Studies with emphases in Pre-Law and Latin American Studies. On-campus, she is part of the Association of Latin American Students as well as Chi Alpha campus ministry. Outside of school, she spends most of her time volunteering, reading Beverly Tatum novels, listening to music, and watching Scandal re-runs. Maria ultimately plans to further her education in law and public policy in hopes of pursuing her passion for helping the Hispanic community.

Lauren Bayne

Lauren Bayne is a rising senior from Chesterfield, Missouri, majoring in Elementary Education and Political Science. Her academic interests are the tangible effects of legislation and political initiatives on P-12 learning and providing engaging Critical social studies education to K-5 students. She prefers to spend time in the elementary school classroom, learning from her first and fifth graders, but on Mizzou’s campus she can be found planning countless events and programs through her roles as Chair of Programming for the Panhellenic Accessibility Committee, the Director of Programming for ASUM, and Events Director for her sorority. Following graduation, Lauren is ecstatic to teach (hopefully) fourth and fifth graders with eventual plans to go into education policy so she can continue to serve children.

Grace Cunningham

Grace Cunningham is a sophomore from Columbia, Missouri studying Environmental Science with a minor in Political Science. At Mizzou, she is involved with Kappa Alpha Theta which has given her the opportunity to take part in Mizzou traditions such as Homecoming and serving on the house decks committee. Aside from school, Grace enjoys being outside and is always planning her next adventure. Grace wants to have a career working with environmental policy for climate change mitigation.

Bailey Martin

Bailey Martin is a junior studying history and constitutional democracy. In addition to being involved with the Kinder Institute, Bailey serves the students of the UM System as Legislative Director of the Associated Students of the University of Missouri, advocating for legislation that would benefit students in Jefferson City. Bailey’s academic interests center around public history and making academia accessible and engaging to a wider public audience, a passion currently being exercised with two fellow History Department students via the campaign to save Read Hall alongside two of my fellow History Department students. Bailey hopes to pursue a master’s in history upon graduating from the University of Missouri in May of 2023.

Jack Kunkel

Jack Kunkel was born and raised in Eureka, MO, a small town outside of St. Louis. Throughout his life, he has placed great emphasis on academics and the pursuit of knowledge, well reflected in his college career. Jack is currently a rising junior, pursuing a triple major in Journalism (Strategic Communication), Constitutional Democracy, and Political Science, as well as a minor in History. Through his time at the University of Missouri, Jack has been inspired to pursue a career helping others, which he got a head start on during his time in Washington, D.C., as part of the Summer 2022 Kinder Scholars Program.

Mable Lewis

Mable Lewis is a junior at The University of Missouri from Columbia, Missouri. She studies Public Health with a Psychology minor, with goals of pursuing health policy in the future. She is heavily involved on campus with the Pre-MPH Scholars program, Public Health Club, School of Health Professions (SHP) Student Council, Little Sisters of the Gold Rose (LSGR), and Women of Color, Honor, and Ambition (WOCHA). Mable is also Flourish Scholarship recipient, and was recently one of 63 students nominated for the MU Award for Academic Distinction (AAD). Outside of school, Mable enjoys spending time with her new puppy, Cupid, trying different local coffee shops, and DIYing home décor. A fun fact is that Mable is first-generation Nigerian-American.

Olivia Skeans

Olivia Skeans is a third-year student from Republic, Missouri, studying Quantitative Economics. On campus, Olivia is the Head of Internal Relations for Undergraduate Women in Economics and a PLA for the Department of Economics. Outside of school, Olivia loves to do yoga, read books, and keep up with The Bachelor.

Adam Schwartz

Adam Schwartz is an MU junior studying Political Science and Digital Storytelling, with minors in Journalism and Film. His ultimate goal for his studies is to one day create politically-focused digital media for a news organization. On campus, Adam is in the Mizzou Honors College, a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, and a part of the Mizzou Esports Media Team, in addition to working for the Campus Activities Programming Board. He also works as the Public Relations Chair for his fraternity, managing their social media pages and community outreach, and on the side, he hosts and produces a weekly entertainment podcast.

James Langen

James Langen is a sophomore from Columbia, MO, pursuing a double major in Music, as a clarinetist, and History, with an emphasis in public history. He is also pursuing a minor in Spanish. In the School of Music, he is also an employee, working as a cataloguing assistant in the Budds Center. Ultimately, he hopes to get a Master’s Degree in Library Science or Archival Studies and do work in the corresponding area. Outside of school, he spends most of his time re-reading Jane Austen novels, cooking elaborate meals, and practicing Sisyphean piano pieces.

Addie Von Drehle

Addie Von Drehle is a junior from Kansas City studying Constitutional Democracy (emphasis in Social and Political Thought), with minors in Philosophy and Psychology. She works as a server at a local restaurant and is highly involved in medical fundraising efforts on Mizzou’s campus. Addie’s goal is to learn about the why and how of the world in order to best discern what her role might be in improving the life circumstances of the masses. She loves trivia, vintage clothes, crossword puzzles, spending time outside, and listening to music (favorite band:  The Beatles). Addie’s ecstatic for a summer in D.C., where she spent the first seven years of her life, and to re-visit all the Smithsonian museums.