The Quest for Post-Partisan Citizenship

Spring 2018 Public Lecture Series

As part of the Kinder Institute’s Spring 2018 Public Lecture Series, Alexander Heffner, host of PBS’ The Open Mind, will be on campus on March 20 to give a talk on the implications of, and potential solutions to, the polarized and contentious landscape of contemporary social and political discourse (see below for a brief abstract). A panel discussion on speech on campus, co-sponsored by the Truman School of Public Affairs and moderated by MU Professor and Chair of Black Studies Stephanie Shonkean, will follow the lecture. Both events will be held in Leadership Auditorium in the MU Student Center, with the lecture set to begin at 5:30pm and the panel discussion at approximately 6:15pm.


Divisiveness today is a pervasive plague on discourse and governance. Social media proliferate clickbait, fake news, and filter bubbles. Algorithms polarize information intake. So what are possible prescriptions to correct this vicious cycle? How can our digital footprint translate into prosocial rather than antisocial behavior? How can the press restore faith in the democratic process?