“Give Me Liberty,” Book Talk with NRI Fellow Richard Brookhiser and KICD Director Justin Dyer


In a Zoom event jointly sponsored by the Show-Me Institute, National Review Institute, and Kansas City Public Library, Kinder Institute Director Justin Dyer will sit down with NRI Fellow Richard Brookhiser to discuss Brookhiser’s recent book, Give Me Liberty: A History of America’s Exceptional Idea. The conversation will take place at 5pm (Central) on May 21. A registration link can be found here, and a brief synopsis of Give Me Librerty is below.

In his latest book, NRI fellow Richard Brookhiser recounts the history of American liberty through the stories of thirteen essential documents. He offers up a truer and more inspiring story of American nationalism as it has evolved over four hundred years. He makes the case that Americans have always sought liberty, asked for it, fought for it; every victory has been the fulfillment of old hopes and promises. This is our nationalism, and we should be proud of it.