“Safeguarding the U.S. Constitution in Times of Crisis,” Online Panel Discussion featuring Prof. Justin Dyer


As part of the American Leadership & Policy Foundation’s Live Lecture Series, Kinder Institute Director Justin Dyer will participate in a discussion on “Safeguarding the U.S. Constitution in Times of National Crisis” (see abstract below), with other featured panelists including State Senator Bryan Hughes (TX-1), U.S. Department of State Military Advisor David Stuckenberg, and State Representative (MO-51) and American Leadership & Policy Foundation President Dean Dohrman. The discussion will take place on May 2 from 9am-11am (CT), and is accessible using this link (app download required) or via phone at 872-240-3311, with the dial-in code 249-933-557


The discussion will center on the long-term legal, moral, and ethical aspects of COVID-19 response measures and similar historic responses. Discussion will also address how domestic and international crises often work to undermine the U.S. Constitution and just laws in environments where citizens maybe distracted, un-easy, or uncertain about the conditions and outcomes of unpredictable events. The lecture will work to intellectually arm citizens to defend their Constitution as America’s highest office holders – Citizen.