“Ask the Experts”: DACA and the Supreme Court with Prof. Jennifer Selin and Newsy’s Cliff Judy

Many legal experts believe the Supreme Court will inevitably hear a case about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA. But historically, justices of the nation’s highest court have largely deferred to the executive branch on issues such as immigration and national security. And SCOTUS is especially hesitant to get involved in any case that could paint it as a political actor.

Meanwhile, the status of hundreds of thousands of Dreamers hangs on two administrations’ interpretations of what the White House can and can’t do.

In Newsy’s ongoing “Ask the Experts” series, Kinder Institute Assistant Professor of Constitutional Democracy Jennifer Selin sat down with Newsy Channel Manager Cliff Judy to discuss two major legal issues that could put DACA on the Supreme Court’s docket. How it gets there could give us clues about what will happen to the Dreamers.