Recent Events

  • “Exploring the Pursuit of Happiness”: Book Talk with Prof. Carli Conklin

    It does stand out a little, doesn’t it? If “life” and “liberty” seem cut from … Continued

  • “When the Devil Beat Daniel Webster”: Colloquium with KICD Postdoc Rudy Hernandez

    Famous merchant and War of 1812 creditor Stephen Girard died in 1831, the wealthiest man … Continued

  • “How to Hide an Empire”: Colloquium with Northwestern Prof. Daniel Immerwahr

    In the final version of Roosevelt’s famous “A Date Which Will Live in Infamy” speech, … Continued

  • “Empire Through Birth Rights”: Colloquium with SLU’s Idolina Hernandez

    In his 1798 “The Aliens: A Patriotic Poem,” Kentucky Senator-bard and noted Federalist Humphrey Marshall … Continued

  • “American Global Leadership on Religious Freedom”: Colloquium with OU’s Allen Hertzke

    The theme of University of Oklahoma David Ross Boyd Professor of Political Science Allen Hertzke’s … Continued

  • A Fire Bell in the Past: The Missouri Crisis at 200, Feb. 2019 Conference

    A rousing success, if we do say so ourselves, the February 15-16 conference reassessing the … Continued

  • “The Curious History of U.S. National Security Whistleblowing”: Colloquium with East Anglia’s Kaeten Mistry

    As East Anglia Senior Lecturer in American Studies Kaeten Mistry noted in introducing his February … Continued

  • “The Genesis of American Indian Constitutionalism”: Distinguished Research Fellow Lecture with Daniel Mandell

    As KICD Distinguished Research Fellow Dan Mandell noted in opening the Kinder Institute’s Spring 2019 … Continued

  • “The Persistent Radicalism of 1776”: Colloquium with Prof. Ken Owen

    We are all too familiar with one set of revolutionary thinkers who convened in 1776 … Continued

  • On the Origins of the American Revolution: Colloquium with MU’s Rachel Banke

    Most of us know—just as most of colonial America knew—George III by the sometimes diametrically … Continued