Recent Events

  • “The Man Behind the Cane”: Colloquium with Prof. Paul Quigley

    As a history reading public, we know one thing about Preston Brooks for certain (and … Continued

  • “The Second Amendment and Slavery”: Public Lecture with Fordham Prof. Saul Cornell

    For the final public lecture series event of a busy 2016-17 academic year, Fordham University … Continued

  • “Rethinking the Rage Militaire”: Colloquium with Westminster’s Jon Chandler

    In a letter written to Seven Years’ War hero and Crown Governor of Virginia Jeffrey … Continued

  • “Countryside Capitalism”: Colloquium with MU History Postdoc Keith Orejel

    In 1968, Richard Nixon gave a speech in Des Moines that, among other things, underscored … Continued

  • “The Politics of Remembering”: Friday Colloquium with MU Prof. Martha Kelly

    For scholars who work at the intersection of literature and political life, the answer to … Continued

  • “Missouri, the French Atlantic, and the Early Republic”: Colloquium with Prof. Tangi Villerbu

    Understandably, Potosi, Missouri, might not be the first city one associates with the French Atlantic … Continued

  • “Jefferson and His Legacies”: Colloquium with Smith Center Historian Dr. Christa Dierksheide

    How, exactly, to tell the story of Thomas Jefferson is a question with which the … Continued

  • “What the Anti-Masons Were For”: History Colloquium with University of Oklahoma’s Kevin Butterfield

    For the final Friday Colloquium Series event of the semester, University of Oklahoma Associate Professor … Continued

  • “The Making of a Disquisition on Government”: Friday History Colloquium with Valparaiso Prof. Robert Elder

    For the final Friday colloquium before the Thanksgiving break, Valparaiso University Assistant Professor of History … Continued

  • “Why We Need the Humanities”: NEH Lecture with Prof. Donald Drakeman

    In 1935, the Princeton University humor magazine ran a cartoon of liberal arts degree recipients … Continued