Recent Events

  • Spring 2018 Events at the Kinder Institute

    From lectures on public education and American democracy, to a pair of colloquia on electoral … Continued

  • November 17 MRSEAH Meeting with Kinder Institute Chair Jay Sexton

    “When one steps back to take the long and broad view of American history, a … Continued

  • An Afternoon with the Gold Rush Trio

    You…are not much inclined to devote yourself to purely intellectual pursuits; but you can grasp … Continued

  • Kinder Institute Distinguished Lecture with Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin

    In drawing her November 6 Kinder Institute Distinguished Lecture to a close, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian … Continued

  • Conservatives and the Constitution: Fall 2017 Book Conference

    In providing an overview of the topic of conversation for the November 2 and 3 … Continued

  • Raising Government Children: Book Talk with MU’s Catherine Rymph

    At the heart of MU Associate Professor of History Catherine Rymph’s new book, Raising Government … Continued

  • The Specter of Lochner: Public Lecture with Boston Univ.’s James E. Fleming

    As Boston University Honorable Paul J. Liacos Professor of Law James Fleming noted in introducing … Continued

  • Berlin Calling: History Colloquium with Paul Hockenos

    In a rare Monday installment of our Colloquium Series—and one that took the form of … Continued

  • “The Continental Revolution”: Public Lecture with UVA’s Alan Taylor

    Though they are likely the two words most frequently used by undergraduates when discussing U.S. … Continued

  • Constitution Week: Madison’s Hand and Jefferson’s Empire of Liberty

    Given that Constitution Day proper fell on a Sunday this year, we took the liberty … Continued