Recent Events

  • 2018 Missouri Summer Teachers Academy

    Officially in the books, our third annual Summer Teachers Academy brought high school educators from … Continued

  • Cambridge History of America and the World: May 2018 Conference

    “This is the time for this project.” So began the May 17-19 conference for the … Continued

  • “Democracy in the Age of Jefferson”: Inaugural Distinguished Research Fellow Lecture

    It was fitting that CUNY-Graduate Center and Lehman College Professor Andrew W. Robertson began his … Continued

  • “Jeffersonian Constitutionalism”: Dinner Lecture with Rice University Prof. John Boles

    Constructing a story of Thomas Jefferson’s contributions to defining the purposes and powers of government, … Continued

  • “The American Empire”: Public Talk with University of Cambridge’s A. G. Hopkins

    In providing what he described as a “scamper” through three centuries of U.S. international history, … Continued

  • Civil Discourse in an Uncivil Age: Public Lecture with Alexander Heffner

    “There’s concern about incivility in the air right now,” PBS’ Alexander Heffner bluntly noted in … Continued

  • “The History of U.S. Women’s Property Rights”: Colloquium with Prof. Laurel Shire

    To trouble the premise of the provocative question that served as the official title for … Continued

  • Religion and the Postwar Politics of Immigration Reform: Workshop with Prof. Wendy Wall

    If we took the word of the President who signed it into law—or the subsequent … Continued

  • “Reagan Revisited”: Workshop with University of Texas’ Will Inboden

    In offering introductory remarks for the Kinder Institute’s March 5 academic workshop, Prof. Will Inboden, … Continued

  • “Public Schools and American Democracy”: Lecture with Western Washington’s Johann Neem

    Why did we have public schools in the first place? What was their historical purpose, … Continued