Recent Events

  • “Dangerous Ground”: On 19th Century Squatters with new Postdoc John Suval

    In assessing the tide-shifting significance of squatter (aka popular) sovereignty, the tendency among many Civil … Continued

  • “The Promise and Perils of Populism”: A conversation with Henry Olsen and Michael Kazin

    As it turns out, a free-flowing, back-and-forth conversation between leading scholars of American politics and … Continued

  • History Department Homecoming Colloquium with Ben Park and Steven Carl Smith

    A pair of ex-Columbians made their triumphant return to campus to kick off Homecoming weekend … Continued

  • “The Polarizers”: Colloquium with Colgate Prof. Sam Rosenfeld

    First, a definition. In recent times, ‘polarized’ has become ubiquitous in political discourse, and it … Continued

  • “Republicanism, Slavery, and the Constitution”: Colloquium with Prof. Forrest Nabors

    In late 2017, University of Alaska-Anchorage Assistant Professor of Political Science Forrest Nabors published From … Continued

  • The Contributions of John Dickinson: Constitution Week Talk with Prof. Jane Calvert

    As University of Kentucky Associate Professor of History Jane Calvert noted in setting up her … Continued

  • “Constitutional Principles and America’s Original Sin”: Constitution Day Lecture with Texas’ Gary Jacobsohn

    The prevailing conception in the United States, University of Texas Professor of Government Gary Jacobsohn … Continued

  • On American Anti-Slavery Literature: With Visiting Scholar Lawrence Goldman

    “Arbitrary.” “Reversal.” “Liable at every moment…to these frightful and unnecessary calamities.” The vocabulary of the … Continued

  • A Transatlantic View of Jackson’s Bank Veto: Colloquium with Prof. Richard R. John (Columbia University)

    As Columbia University Professor of Communications and History Richard R. John noted in setting up … Continued

  • 2018 Missouri Summer Teachers Academy

    Officially in the books, our third annual Summer Teachers Academy brought high school educators from … Continued