Summer Online at the Kinder Institute

A wholesale scrapping of all spring events being a fully unsatisfactory prospect, we’ve decided to join the Zoom movement (Zoovement?) and re-locate as many talks as possible to the virtual realm.

We’ll be back online starting on June 5, after taking a brief post-semester hiatus to re-group, but for now, you can catch up on a number of things you might have missed in April and May: Kinder Institute Endowed Chair Jay Sexton on the history of crisis on the Rothermere American Institute’s “The Last Best Hope” podcast; Kinder Institute Director Justin Dyer in the National Review on “The Limits of Constitutional Rights” and on “Constitutional Rights during Crisis” as part of MU’s Engaging for MO webinar series; Kinder Institute Professor Jen Selin on federalism in The Conversation and on NPR’s Public Morality podcast; MU History Visiting Professor and former Kinder Institute Grad Fellow Chris Deutsch in the Washington Post on meatpacking work during the COVID-19 crisis.