MU Announces $10 Million Gift from Kinder Foundation for New A&S B.A. and M.A.

As this MU News Bureau release makes clear, November 12 marked a historic day for the Kinder Institute and University of Missouri. As they stepped to the podium, all of the morning’s speakers—MU Chancellor Alexander Cartwright, Kinder Institute Director Justin Dyer, Corpus Christi College President Helen Moore (whose remarks were read by Kinder Institute Endowed Chair Jay Sexton), MU Senior Riley Messer, and Kinder Morgan Inc. Executive Chairman Richard Kinder—each shared a similar sentiment: With its $10 million gift to support the creation of a pair of new A&S degrees, the B.A. in Constitutional Democracy and M.A. in Atlantic History & Politics, Rich and Nancy Kinder’s Kinder Foundation has once again transformed the Mizzou campus, opening up possibilities for undergraduate and graduate students that have never before existed and establishing even more firmly the university’s growing reputation as a global destination for the study of political thought and history.

Rather than attempt to further summarize the morning’s proceedings, we encourage everyone to experience the moment themselves through this video.