Rhian Davies Named Second Kinder-BrANCH Fellow

This summer (2024), we will welcome our second Kinder-BrANCH Fellow to the M.A. in Atlantic History & Politics. Rhian Davies is currently reading History at the University of Cardiff in the U.K. She has volunteered as a Research Assistant at the Glamorgan Archives, served as Student Rep for the Cardiff History Department and as Publicity Officer of the University’s African-Caribbean Society, and has completed a summer research internship at the University of Oxford. She comes to Mizzou with aspirations of becoming an academic researcher. She recently shared her thoughts on joining MU’s M.A. program with Kinder Professor of British History and Director of Graduate Studies Rob Fletcher.

RF: What are you looking forward to studying in the M.A.?

RD: I am looking forward to studying in the M.A. due to its global nature. I am interested in exploring the historical and political elements of the Atlantic world, as well as the interconnections between the U.S., U.K., and Africa.

RF: How is the M.A. going to help with gaining skills/experiences for your career?

RD: The M.A. will enable me to develop a multitude of transferable skills. It will give me the opportunity to improve both my written and verbal communication, and I am particularly excited to exercise my research skills and progress them further through this course of study. The hands-on practical experience I will receive from the research or teaching assistant role will also be invaluable. I aspire to undertake a Ph.D. upon completion of the M.A., and these skills are therefore essential. It will be an important step in my career as an aspiring academic researcher and lecturer.

RF: What are the types of topics that interest you the most as you go into graduate study?

RD: I have a wide range of interests, but I am especially interested in global histories. In particular, the African Diaspora, agency and Pan-African networks between the U.S., Britain and Africa. African history has been a focus of mine, so I am excited to possibly continue this. Another area that I am interested in potentially studying is Black Studies, as this is not typically an option in the U.K. and I think this is an important subject. Building on my prior studies of American politics and the American Century will also be very insightful.

RF: How are you looking forward to discovering the Midwest?

RD: I have not visited the U.S. before so it will be a big change, but this excites me! I am keen to do lots of exploring when I am there and really make the most of this experience.

A collaboration between the Kinder Institute and the Association of British American Nineteenth Century Historians (BrANCH), this annual Fellowship is open to students who have recently completed, or are slated to complete, their undergraduate studies in the United Kingdom. Priority is given to applicants who have been underrepresented in higher education.

If you are interested in learning more about the M.A. in Atlantic History & Politics or the Kinder-BrANCH Fellowship, contact Prof. Fletcher at r.fletcher@missouri.edu