Wheels Across the West ASH Scholars Podcast: Subscribe Now!

For anyone who missed “Santa Fe Day”—the celebration in April of our inaugural ASH Scholars team’s research into the history of the Santa Fe Trail—fret not. The project lives on in audio form! See below for a brief description of the ten-part, Wheels Across the West podcast series that our students curated with the help of ASH Coordinators Kyle Jackson and Lillie Williams, and click here to listen and subscribe.

Wheels Across the West: History and Legacy of the Santa Fe Trail invites listeners on a fun and fact-filled adventure across time and territory to make sense of an oft-overlooked overland trail. Created, written, and narrated by students at the University of Missouri’s Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy, Wheels Across the West covers a wide range of topics that intersect with the past and present of the American West: mules, military forts, missionization, Hollywood Westerns, gun culture, living history reenactors, pioneer women, Black cowboys, and so much more. Transporting listeners from Indigenous pathways, to international wagon caravans, to railroads, highways, and modern-day Main Streets, this series reveals how the infrastructure and cultural landscape of the West has been constructed atop foundations laid long ago.