Jefferson Book Club


Open to all University of Missouri undergraduates who are interested in learning more about the origins and development of the United States’ intellectual tradition, the Jefferson Book Club convenes monthly at the Tiger Bistro in Reynolds Alumni Center to discuss key works in the history of Western thought that have influenced the American experience. Please contact JBC Coordinator and Political Science Professor Jay Dow ( for more information.

In the past, JBC participants have examined topics ranging from the influence of Scottish Enlightenment thinkers on the architects of the United States government to Tocqueville and James Fenimore Cooper’s 19th century visions of the future of the American republic. 2016-17 discussions will focus on the theme of the exercise of speech in a liberal and open society, with JBC members exploring works including Hume’s “Of the Liberty of the Press”; primary source documents such as the Sedition Act and Virginia and Kentucky resolutions; and selections from Feredi’s On Tolerance, Balckstone’s Commentaries, and Mill’s On Liberty.

The final Spring 2017 meetings will be held at 5:00PM on March 8, April 12, and May 10, at the University Club’s Tiger Bistro. For anyone interested in participating in the remaining meetings, next up on the JBC reading list is Alan Bloom’s Closing of the American Mind.

Starting in AY 2016-17, students will be eligible to receive one hour of course credit for participating in the JBC. Please contact Prof. Dow at the email address above with any questions.